Tom Coker

Director of Operations & Business Development
  • Published researcher of the intersectionality of Communication, Adult Development, Leadership, & Professional Development
  • Masters in Communication

Tom Coker joined The Developmental Edge® team after earning his Master’s degree in Communication.  At TDE, Coker assists with a variety of projects including marketing, Developmental Sprint® support, and business development.

Coker became an associate at TDE after dedicating his education and research to Adult Development, Leadership, Change Management, Professional Development, and Interpersonal, Organizational, and Conflict Communication. He discovered a strong affinity for the practice and research of developmental work for people and organizations, so jumping straight into the mission of TDE seemed like the perfect fit.

In addition to his work at TDE, Coker is an outdoor enthusiast, gardener, wanna-be mountain biker, mentor to high-school and college-aged students, dog-father, and husband. He lives in Bentonville, AR with his wife and new puppy.

For The Developmental Edge… Coker assists with producing TDE’s Invitational Sprints™, manages marketing and communication functions, updates Sprint™ training materials, conducts market research and business development outreach, and assists in group coaching.

Industry Expertise: Coker’s professional assets include expertise as a public speaking instructor, certified personality and values assessment administrator, and conductor of research methodologies such as data analysis, survey, and interview. In his published research, Coker developed and validated a new self-report instrument for assessing adult developmental maturity. In addition to research, he has practiced leadership development with a city municipality.