Aim for Growth

Developmental Sprints®

TDE’s Developmental Sprint® process accelerates employee, team and company growth through an intensive, focused 4-week experience. Developmental work is done at work and with colleagues (vs. at an offsite workshop with strangers).

  • Proven, proprietary methodology
  • Immediate traction on pressing improvement goals
  • Greater team cohesion
  • Stickier relationships with colleagues and the organization itself
Get a Baseline

Growth Culture Indicator® (TDE’s DDO Assessment®)

TDE’s Growth Culture Indicator® (TDE’s DDO Assessment®) paints a clear picture of an organization’s ability to accelerate employee and business growth together. The proprietary, 28-item Web-based assessment provides leaders with actionable insights for creating and sustaining a more capable and adaptable workforce.

  • Administer to a team, department or the entire organization
  • Customize to your company
  • Understand what is holding your firm back
Kickstart the Process

Growth Culture Workshop

TDE’s Growth Culture Workshops provide a 3-step process for kickstarting your company’s growth:

  • The company (or a subset of the company) takes the Growth Culture Indicator® (baseline survey) in advance.
  • Participants review results in the Workshop, pinpointing strengths to leverage and growth opportunities as a team.
  • Using TDE frameworks, participants identify and address a personal improvement goal related to their most pressing professional challenges.
Gear Up for Change

When to Sprint™?

Any time! Any where! With any group! The Developmental Sprint® is a powerful tool for professional and personal development. The framework can be employed with teams large and small, stratified or of mixed seniority/level, and role/department specific or cross-functional. This ongoing improvement tool is especially useful during special times, such as:

  • Changes in leadership (i.e. mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations)
  • Changes in team composition (i.e. when 50+% of your team is new to you or new to each other)
  • Anytime someone moves up a level and needs to develop new capabilities (i.e. a new manager needs to quickly learn to manage and delegate)
  • Intra – and inter-team conflict
Positive Feedback vs. Painful Reviews

NEW! Live360+Developmental Sprint®

TDE has developed a special process that turns annual reviews into behavior-changing progress.

TDE has rewritten annual reviews into a newer, simpler, more impactful format – what it calls a Live360. Recipients then immediately translate feedback into action through the Developmental Sprint® process.

  • Get more out of top performers
  • Redirect challenged employees
  • Improve everyone’s ability to get work done

Valuable for both top performers and those struggling to implement personal change, the Live360+Developmental Sprint® creates a positive atmosphere where those giving feedback also are invested in helping the recipient to exhibit change.

Project & People Sprints™

NEW! The Developmental Scrum©

Tailored to companies and teams that operate with agile principles, The Developmental Scrum© incorporates personal improvement with project goals. For Scrum members, The Developmental Scrum provides a time-bounded, intuitive format for self-improvement tied to achieving project goals.

  • Two-week Sprint™ process
  • Consolidated into the normal flow of work
  • Goal-oriented and transparent

Not only will client and company work be accomplished, but employees will gain traction on important self-improvement goals that can be applied to future projects and their everyday work.

Read more about Speed&Function’s experience with The Developmental Scrum©.

Generate Sustained Improvement

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See into Your Company in 3D

3D Workshop: The Developmental Deep Dive

The 3D Workshop helps internal teams to look at significant issues and opportunities, such as acquisitions or redistricting a sales force or rethinking an operational process, from multiple perspectives. This proprietary framework and process can be taught to a leadership team or other internal teams, enabling them to see issues in “3D.” For example, a leadership team can use this process to examine strategic issues from such perspectives as sales, finance, marketing, manufacturing and service delivery, and more.

  • Deep review of significant issues and opportunities
  • Surface hurdles and test assumptions
  • Explore different pathways forward

Learn how PCI uses the 3D Workshop to gain quick traction on corporate goals.
Accelerate your growth now

Continuous Growth

Through TDE’s proprietary Developmental Sprint® Web-app, employees, teams and companies can continue to work on key goals, calling on a TDE facilitator as needed.

  • Prompts walk participants through the process
  • Cohort check-ins ensure accountability
  • Expert help available on-call
Critical Help for Critical Roles

Data-Driven Professional Development

How can you leapfrog to exponential growth?

TDE works with your leadership team to pinpoint the 2-3 critical roles for driving business revenues. These roles each have winning behaviors, and often limiting assumptions.

TDE not only takes members of these key roles through a Developmental Sprint®, but also tracks their limiting assumptions and successful strategies for overcoming them. In aggregate, this information yields key learnings on how to prepare entire groups for success.

After this initial step, TDE can help you to bring development “upstream” – in effect, to help employees learn winning behaviors before being promoted into revenue-driving roles.

Our Global Experts Come to You

One-on-One Personalized Experiences

Sound Advice from top practitioners

Inspirational Keynotes

Top-of-their-field, dynamic speakers, who specialize in individual and organizational development, lead your team through an interactive journey, customized to your business and industry. Our speakers include:

  • Dr. Robert Kegan, the single-most cited author in the field of adult development
  • Andy Fleming, the originator of the Developmental Sprint® process
  • Dr. Lisa Lahey, co-creator of the ground-breaking Immunity to Change process
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Dr. Robert Kegan receiving 2019 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award

Claire Lee advising TDE Workshop Participants

Emerge as a Growth Leader

Coaching & Consulting on Growth Cultures

TDE consults one-on-one with top level leadership of companies and business units on how to take their organization from a great place to work to a great place to grow.

  • Strategic sessions
  • Company-specific adaptations to TDE’s proprietary processes
  • Updates on steps and company’s progress
  • Individual coaching
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Jennifer Healy of Bridgewater on Radical Transparency

Deliberately Developmental Organizations® Create 21st Century Growth Cultures®

Deliberately Developmental Organizations® are capable of building new capabilities today and in the future. People development and company growth are synonymous, symbiotic, and supportive in a DDO®. Development is a team sport – where each player and the team overall improve.

In our 2016 top management book An Everyone Culture, we highlighted three Deliberately Developmental Organizations®:

These companies are creating 21st Century Growth Cultures® where human development and company growth contribute to each other – achieving more than they ever thought possible.

Companies that choose this path – even in the micro-cosmic form of a Developmental Sprint®– see major benefits:

  • Increased Revenue…TDE clients that implement multiple Developmental Sprints® have significantly increased revenues and profits – in some cases mature companies have more than doubled revenues in less than four years.
  • Ready Employees…Particularly for service and knowledge-intensive companies, TDE’s model is proven to develop capable, confident, and adaptable employees faster.
  • Positive Cultural Shifts… TDE companies become more open, transparent and higher-performing workplaces.
  • An Attractive Environment… From invest-in-me Millennials to striving GenXers to team-driven Boomers, today’s employees seek those intangibles that make a company more than just a great place to work. TDE principles and practices enable client organizations to become A Great Place to Grow™ for everyone.
  • Culture of Innovation…At their core, both people development and organizational innovation rely on the fundamental capacity to surface, test, and transcend limiting assumptions (old ways of thinking). At TDE companies, people learn and apply this capacity not only to their own growth but also to critical business functions — strategies, systems, products, processes, and procedures.
  • Workforce for Both Your Near Future and Your Future Vision… TDE’s Developmental Sprint® process and other proprietary models and methods help organizations and individuals develop the capability to build new capabilities in response to changing circumstances. This is the essence of an adaptable and resilient workforce, strong in its belief that it can address any challenge.