Theresa Hammond

Director of Team Operations
  • 20+ years working with data and analytics
  • Bachelor’s in Information Systems

Hammond joined The Developmental Edge after 15+ years working in database administration and analysis.  At TDE, Hammond supports various aspects of the firm’s work–from project management to corporate client services.

She discovered an affinity for data analysis and product management and later data modeling, marketing, and workforce management.  Her first experiences with Immunity to Change® and the Developmental Sprint® were part of a former employer’s “Unlocking Human Potential” initiative.  She became a trained Sprint™ facilitator and led Sprints™ for over 80 co-workers.  In 2020 she joined the team at TDE.   Her learning continues as she aspires to help more people achieve their full potential through coaching and facilitation.

Hammond earned a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems with a minor in International Business.  She loves spending time with her daughter Sydney and son Turner.  Originally from the Norfolk, VA area, she currently lives with her family in Little Elm, TX.

For The Developmental Edge… Hammond supports various areas of the company’s work–from project management and data analysis to corporate client service.  TDE and our clients benefit from her positivity, creativity, attention to detail, and drive to lead with a servant’s heart.   

Industry Expertise: Hammond’s expertise lies in the field of data analytics with some additional experience in insurance, marketing and workforce management.