Better Me + Better You = Better Us


“There is no way to ‘get better’ other than to first do it, however poorly you do. So get started; go out and fail! We have become good at getting better because we are so good at failing.”

– Charlie Kim, CEO

NextJump’s primary business is called Perks at Work, an ecommerce marketplace for the employees of most Fortune 1000 companies. Its underlying purpose – and one that unites the company and its people – is to change the world by changing workplace culture. While Perks at Work focuses on sharing a corporation’s tangible benefits with its workforce, NextJump’s mission is to focus on the intangibles that make a business great – teamwork, transparency, belonging, improvement, freedom to fail and more.

Their axiom:

Better Me + Better You = Better Us

Train and improve + Use that knowledge to help others = Work together to yourself at work create a better world

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