Getting Ahead Without Losing Heart

By Andy Fleming

Getting Ahead Without Losing Heart is an insightful exploration of the career and life-style decisions of seven distinctive young adults, who chronicle in their own voices important educational and career choices. Readers meet, among others, a successful Wall Street trader who dreams of becoming a doctor, and a former automobile shop secretary who makes it into investment banking and faces a choice between the position she earned and the man she loves. These intimate and insightful accounts are woven together by the author’s own journey on and off the fast track during the period of these interviews. Each story includes questions for reflection and discussion; and Fleming has added an appendix of books and films that he has found to be catalytic for those who wish to further explore life-work themes.

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“Andy Fleming’s Getting Ahead Without Losing Heart explores the arenas of love and work, of marketing and meaning, of ambition and service, of success and rewarding ways of living. This is a book about success that includes a full accounting of the need for integrity, for spirit, for friendship, for contributions to the common good, and for joy in the work we do… The book… will hold your attention and your heart.” – Jim Fowler, author of Stages of Faith

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