Claire Lee

Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer
  • 20+ years Executive and Professional Coaching
  • 10+ years Manufacturing and Sales, Plant Manager (China)
  • Lead, TDE Developmental Sprint® Team
  • Masters in Professional Counseling and Masters in Economics (UCLA)

After 30+ years in corporate leadership and executive coaching roles, Lee has learned to view people’s workplace challenges like a puzzle.  With her clients, she examines work obstacles minutely, ferreting out those critical hang-ups that prevent teams and individuals from moving forward. Lee then leads the team behind The Developmental Sprint® process as they help clients to define work-integrated experiments for overcoming these challenges. A passionate champion of people development, Lee is process oriented with a heart for helping individuals and teams to achieve their Best Selves.

Lee began her career in company and sales management, rising to the level of plant manager for Alcon in China. She carries this focus on measurable results into her client work, seeking and demanding human results with a business impact for her clients. A seasoned executive coach and project leader, she is a leader known for relishing increasingly tough assignments and for her passion for growing people. Lee quickly moves her clients forward, but also takes time to savor their progress with them. Persistent and personable, Lee holds two master’s degree, one in Professional Counseling and one in Economics (UCLA).

For The Developmental Edge… Lee manages client deliverables, company accountability and systems measurement. As the leader of the Developmental Sprint® Team, Lee regularly develops and oversees robust systems for ensuring personal/professional improvements and self-accountability on behalf of clients.

Industry Expertise: Lee’s background makes her especially suited to working with Manufacturing and Consumer Products organizations, and to working with Sales, Operations and Technology teams. She has also worked extensively with Professional Services and Entertainment firms.