Best Management Book of 2016

An Everyone Culture

By Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey, Andy Fleming, Matthew L. Miller and Deborah Helsing

Lauded as the “Best Management and Workplace Culture Book of 2016” (800-CEO-READ) and the “Best Business Book in Human Resources and Employee Training” (Axiom), An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization articulates and promotes a radical new model for unleashing a company’s potential.

TDE’s founders and their Harvard collaborators identify Deliberately Developmental Organizations®, which are firms organized around the simple but radical conviction that organizations will best prosper when they are more deeply aligned with people’s strongest motive, which is to grow. This means going beyond consigning “people development” to high-potential programs, executive coaching, and once-a-year-off-sites. It means fashioning an organizational culture in which support of people’s development is woven into the daily fabric of working life and the company’s regular operations. TDE demonstrates how this integration of personal and professional goals results in excellent corporate results:

  • Better financial performance,
  • Greater cross-functional communication,
  • Stronger teams,
  • Culture of innovation, and
  • Increased employee retention.

An Everyone Culture was published by Harvard Business Review Press and released in 2016.

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“… Join them in peering over the edge of what might just be a management revolution…” – Forbes

“An Everyone Culture is founded upon a simple yet powerful insight: that the best way to unleash an organization’s power is to realize the full potential of its individual employees. [The authors] highlight companies that focus on the continuous development of all employees and explain the steps needed to build this kind of ‘deliberately developmental’ culture. In a world that’s changing faster than ever, and where Millennials are demanding jobs with development opportunities, leaders cannot afford to miss this book.” – Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey u0026 Company

“A bold approach, one that requires a longer view of success and the patience to accept stumbles…” – Chicago Tribune

“An Everyone Culture is the most provocative recasting of human and organizational potential since the advent of the ‘learning organization.’ It will transform how you think about work and workplace culture in the twenty-first century” – Gary Hamel, London Business School

“This book speaks to the heart of what I believe: Our work environments are the perfect learning laboratories. Our focus needs to not just be on individual learning, but also on building the processes, tools, and organizational systems for learning to take place – and stick.” – Melissa Daimler, Senior Vice President, Talent Acquisition and Development, WeWork

“Could it be that workplaces can become the ultimate forum to help people become greater than they think possible? Read this book to find out.” – Conscious Company Magazine

“This book is as much about realizing organizational potential, as it is about realizing human potential. No business leader, at any level, should miss this one.” – Fin24 (South Africa)

“Some fascinating ideas about how to create an organizational culture that fits the 21st century.” – Inc.

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