Dr Allison Rowland

Senior Coach, The Developmental Sprint®
  • 20+ years consulting and leading with purpose-driven organizations on change management and executive coaching
  • Vice President of Teaching & Learning, Envision Schools
  • Founding Educator and Principal, City Arts & Tech High School (San Francisco), a new concept school
  • Doctorate in Education Leadership (Harvard), M.Ed. (Stanford)

Dr. Allison Rowland guides individuals and teams through The Developmental Sprint® process. For more than 20 years, she has facilitated professional development programs across dozens of purpose-driven, responsible organizations as both the organization’s leader and a consultant. Her goal is to help stakeholders live the mission of the organization in their professional lives as well as in their public-facing purpose. 

Rowland is especially gifted at change management, executive coaching, and the operationalization of employee development. She has held leadership and fellowship positions with the San Diego Unified School District, Hawaii State Department of Education, New Tech Network, Envision Schools, and City Arts and Tech High School (San Francisco).  With the latter, she was part of the founding team of educators that built an innovative school from the ground up. This entrepreneurial experience has given her insights into cross-functional teamwork, roles at all levels in an organization, and the necessity for transparency and communication in a high-demand, high-functioning organization.

Rowland received her Ed.L.D. (Doctorate in Education Leadership) from Harvard and her master’s in education from Stanford. She earned her bachelor’s at Williams College. At Harvard, Rowland worked closely with TDE’s Dr. Lisa Lahey, one of the foremost thinkers on adult development. 

For The Developmental Edge… Rowland guides stakeholders through The Developmental Sprint® process. Organizations, teams and individuals benefit from her structured approach and incisiveness as they seek to understand how to bring the best from themselves and their colleagues.

Industry Expertise: Rowland’s expertise lies with Purpose-driven Organizations, on both the for-profit and nonprofit sides. Her professional experience has largely been in consulting for Management & Executive Teams, Nonprofits and Education, particularly district and charter schools.